Naturally effective

Highly concentrated active ingredients from grapes for maximum efficacy

just like nature.

Our products:

Nature has left its mark on every one of our products. This can be seen in their color, which comes from the grape seed extract OPC. This powerful antioxidant protects the skin against aging caused by environmental factors with each and every application.

Powerful ingredients

against premature aging

Environmental factors like stress, UV radiation, air pollution or an unhealthy diet visibly age your skin every day. This aging process is caused by free radicals that damage the cells and cause your skin to age quicker. The active ingredients found in grapes counteract this process. Because of their antioxidative properties they protect your skin against premature aging in a natural way.

Innovative formulations

for healthy skin

Our on-site production center in Austria enables us to combine the newest scientific evidence with modern production methods. Our formulations contain carefully selected raw materials of the highest quality and guarantee maximum skin tolerance.

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