Bye bye pimples – in this blog post I’ll tell you how I managed to get rid of my pimples with the help of my beautician Sabrina and finally got beautiful, happy skin.

My name is Nina and I am 13 years old. Since puberty I had been plagued by annoying blackheads and pimples, but at the same time my skin felt dry and flaky. Pustules also formed and I was very unhappy with them. I couldn’t leave the house without a thick layer of makeup, but even with that my complexion didn’t look beautiful.

My mother noticed how much I suffered from the blemished skin and the pimples and therefore made an appointment with the manager of the Vinoble Day Spa, Ms. Sabrina Köfer. She wanted me to really put myself in the hands of a trained beautician and skin expert, because the skin of my face was very important to her.


Skin analysis before treatment


The beautician Sabrina Köfer did a skin analysis before the treatment and told me that my skin was suffering from seborrhea sicca. This describes skin that is both dry and oily. In contrast to combination skin, this does not apply to individual regions such as an oily T-zone. The dilemma with seborrhoea sicca arises from an underactive sweat gland with simultaneous overactive sebum glands. This imbalance favors the development of pimples and blackheads, which are called comedones in technical terms.

Bye bye Pickel


Now I understood better how this came about and asked her to help me get rid of the pimple problem. She then made a facial with products from Vinoble Cosmetics. The treatment was very pleasant and I really enjoyed the scent of the products. Afterwards I even had the feeling that the pimples were a little less visible.

The cosmetics expert gave me the following products for further treatment at home:

To cleanse the skin, I used the VINOBLE COSMETICS cleansing gel and the cleansing tonic in the morning and in the evening. I then applied the purifying serum to the pimples and inflammatory areas. I used the fruit acid peel twice a week in the evening. I used the purifying cream as a 24 hour skin care cream.


Skin analysis after treatment


Every three weeks I went to the beautician Sabrina Köfer for a cosmetic treatment at the Vinoble Day Spa and I was always looking forward to it.

After about 2 months my complexion improved considerably. The pimples became less and the inflammation subsided. I was soon able to leave the house without makeup.

Today my skin is as beautiful as it was before puberty. I am overjoyed and thank Sabrina and the whole Vinoble family for my new attitude towards life.

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