A garden with more than 600 organic Damask rose bushes on a southern slope near Kitzeck (Austria) is home to a cosmetic line characterized by its purity and freshness. 0% potentially critical ingredients, 100% fragrance-free, COSMOS-organic certified, vegan, and handmade in Austria the VINOBLE COSMETICS pure line is a collection of natural skincare products that embody the beauty of nature.

But we know – the change from conventional cosmetics to pure natural products doesn't happen overnight. That's why we are here to guide you on how to gradually switch your skincare routine to natural cosmetics.

Why natural cosmetics?

Better for you and the environment. Natural cosmetics use gentle, plant-based ingredients that are less likely to irritate your skin. Unlike conventional products that often contain synthetic chemicals, the ingredients in pure natural cosmetics are usually more compatible with your skin and help support its natural barrier. Rich, valuable plant substances help regenerate your skin, allowing it to return to its natural balance. 

While conventional cosmetics might deliver quick results, their long-term effects on the skin are often less favorable. Thanks to the powerful plant-based ingredients, natural cosmetics offer sustainable care that improves and enhances skin health over time.

Moreover, the production of conventional cosmetics, with its reliance on petroleum and mineral oils and extensive chemical processes, has a significant environmental impact. In contrast, natural cosmetics emphasize eco-friendly production and sustainable packaging, benefiting our oceans and the entire planet. Additionally, pure natural cosmetics are free from animal testing and animal-derived ingredients.


Tips for successfully switching to pure natural cosmetics

A gradual transition is key to success. Start by replacing one product at a time instead of overhauling your entire skincare routine all at once. This approach is kinder to both the environment and your wallet, and it helps your skin slowly adjust to the new ingredients, minimizing any initial reactions.

Switching to natural cosmetics requires a bit of patience and careful observation of skin reactions. This is the only way you can benefit from the advantages in the long term. Give your skin time to adjust to the new products and closely monitor any changes. Take note of any reactions and adjust your routine accordingly.

During the transition period to pure natural products, it's normal to experience mild irritations, redness, or breakouts. This is because natural cosmetics contain different active ingredients, and your skin’s natural processes, which were previously manipulated by synthetic ingredients in conventional cosmetics, need time to reactivate fully. Additionally, your skin may initially feel drier. This is normal too, as natural ingredients are absorbed more quickly without sitting on the skin’s surface. Typically, it takes about four to six weeks (a full skin renewal cycle) for your skin to adjust to the change.

After the adjustment period, long-term improvements in the skin's appearance often become apparent. The skin appears healthier and more radiant. Many users report an improved skin texture and fewer skin issues. So, it's worth persevering through the initial phase and giving your skin time to adapt to the new products.


Natural cosmetics myths

Myth #1: "Natural cosmetics are less effective"

A widespread myth is that natural cosmetics are less effective than conventional products because they lack chemical ingredients. However, this is only half true because every substance, whether synthetic or natural, consists of chemical compounds. Therefore, natural cosmetics are also chemistry. The difference is that natural substances are generally better recognized and utilized by the body since they are more similar to the body's own substances. Plant oils and extracts are particularly rich in vitamins and antioxidants, making them better tolerated by the skin. In contrast, conventional products contain synthetic substances like parabens and phthalates, which can harm the skin in the long run by disrupting the natural skin barrier and having hormonal effects.


Myth #2: "Natural cosmetics products are significantly more expensive than conventional products"

Many people believe that pure natural cosmetics are more expensive and do not offer good value for money. However, in the long run, natural cosmetics are the cheaper alternative due to their better compatibility and skin health benefits, as they can reduce skin problems and make expensive treatments unnecessary. Additionally, natural cosmetics often contain more concentrated ingredients, requiring less product to achieve the same effect.


Myth #3: "Natural cosmetics have a shorter shelf life"

Another myth suggests that natural cosmetics products have a shorter shelf life. While it is true that they often contain fewer synthetic preservatives, there are many natural alternatives such as essential oils and vitamin E that can extend shelf life. These natural alternatives can be just as effective as synthetic preservatives. It is important to store the products in a cool and dark place.


How to recognize pure natural cosmetics?

To identify genuine, pure natural cosmetics, one should look for specific certifications. Seals such as the BDIH certification (e.g., COSMOS NATURAL) for controlled natural cosmetics and NATRUE certify that the respective manufacturer has met strict criteria and standards. Beware of the so-called "greenwashing" trap, as even manufacturers of conventional cosmetics try to deceive consumers with terms like "Contains fruit extracts" or "xxx", giving them the impression that these are pure, natural ingredients and natural cosmetics. Therefore, those who want to be on the safe side should ideally choose certified natural cosmetics products.



Since its launch in September 2022, the new product line VINOBLE COSMETICS pure has made available a collection of natural cosmetics with active ingredients, providing skincare to both women and men in all stages of life, particularly those with sensitive skin and skin in need of regeneration. What makes these products special: they combine COSMOS-certified raw materials with high concentrations of active ingredients from grapes and roses. Natural dermatological key processes are reactivated, the skin is vitalized and regenerated, slowing down environmentally induced ageing. This makes the pure products suitable for all skins, and well tolerated by people suffering from allergies, dermatitis, or immune deficiencies, as well as offering sensitive skincare to pregnant women and nursing mothers. 

Our active ingredients include stem cells from the grape, Damask rose, pale rose, white peony, and ginger-mint extract.

  • Grape stem cells: Grape stem cells protect the epidermal skin cell against UV stress and increase the skin's UV tolerance. Thus, grape stem cells prevent from premature skin ageing and ensure an even skin appearance.
  • Damask Rose stem cells: Stem cells from the Damask rose are an active substance, perfect for caring for sensitive and dry skin that shows signs of ageing. The lifespan of individual cells is extended as the skin is activated. The skin becomes smooth and gains elasticity to look younger. The dermis increases in density, and its defence systems boosted.
  • Pale Rose stem cells: Stem cells from the pale rose (also known as the hundred-petalled rose) limit the dehydration process in the epidermis and offer better protection against external influences. Moisture circulation is restored thanks to enhanced cell renewal.
  • White Peony stem cells: Stem cells extracted from the noble peony help regulate the most important processes of blemished skin. A key enzyme in the cells of the epidermis is targeted, reducing the oily sheen. Irritations are soothed and red, stressed skin begins to relax.
  • Ginger-mint extract: Ginger-mint extract refreshes and soothes the skin, thanks to the invigorating properties of mint and the antioxidant and circulation-promoting effects of ginger. This combination helps to calm the skin while improving its appearance by reducing redness and irritation.

All products of the pure line are certified with the COSMOS NATURAL seal. This seal is a guarantee for you that the marked products are pure natural cosmetics. It ensures the responsible use of natural resources, respectful treatment of nature, clean manufacturing, and processing routes according to the highest possible sustainability practices.

VINOBLE COSMETICS pure even addresses the particular needs of sensitive skin and gives this skin type what it needs to look healthy and naturally beautiful. The well-being of your skin unfolds in a new way, leaving you with a long-lasting feeling of vitality, freshness, and radiance.