Better together – every purchase matters!

In the last few days, we have all witnessed the devastating effects of the floods in Styria. As part of this wonderful region, we at VINOBLE COSMETICS are deeply affected and would like to express our sympathy and support to the flood victims. In this difficult times, we would like to show our solidarity and make a contribution to help those affected by this natural disaster.

With every order in our online shop, we will therefore donate € 1 per purchased product to the association "Steirer mit Herz" - which has initiated a fundraising campaign in cooperation with - to provide financial support to the flood victims in Styria. Your purchase will thus not only bring joy, but also help people in need.

It is also very important to us to express our appreciation and gratitude to all volunteers and the regional fire departments who were able to prevent the worst and assisted those affected.

Let's be strong together and support those who need it most right now. Every donation counts.

Please feel free to share this fundraising campaign with your friends and family in ordert o help the flood victims in Styria all together.

We firmly believe that in hard times like these, being a strong community and support each other is most important. Together we can make a positive difference and help to those in need.