The grape harvest season is a time of anticipation and excitement for wine lovers all around the world. For VINOBLE COSMETICS, this time of the year means much more. Because it is from the residue of the grape harvest, or more precisely from the pomace, that the precious grape seeds are harvested, which are one of the main ingredients for our high-quality SPA products.


Small seed - big effect

OPC, resveratrol and the high-quality grape seed oil are all essential grape active ingredients that form the basis of our products. These natural treasures provide a rich source of nutrients and antioxidants that have an extremely positive effect on the skin. They protect the skin from harmful free radicals, prevent premature aging and support a healthy, even complexion.


From the grape harvest to youthful, fresh skin

During the transition from summer to the colder temperatures of autumn, a consistent skin care routine is of great importance. This is because the skin is sensitive to the changes in environmental conditions, as it loses more moisture and is exposed to the harmful effects of dry air. So, especially in autumn when skin care needs change, our anti-aging products containing the natural power of grapes can be a useful addition to your skin care routine to help maintain or promote a youthful, fresh appearance.

Our lifting set contains three products carefully formulated to fight signs of aging and provide a complete solution for all-around beautiful, smooth skin.

  • [lifting cream]: Rich, firming 24-hour anti-aging cream with a high concentration of active ingredients for a visibly smoother complexion. Barley extract and resveratrol from the grape reduce the appearance of wrinkles quickly, while providing the skin with moisture. The free-radical interceptors vitamin E and grape seed extract help protect the skin against light-induced aging processes.
  • [enzyme scrub]: Face scrub with papaya enzymes that removes dead skin flakes easily and effectively. The vegetable enzyme is able to break down protein building blocks and fats. In this way, skin flakes and excess sebum are gently removed. The skin is then well supplied with blood.
  • [pro youth lifting mask]: mask made of soft, elastic fleece soaked in a highly concentrated, deep-penetrating cocktail of active ingredients consisting of hyaluronic acid, plant stem cells, vitamin E and oat kernel extract which is rich in skin-smoothing omega fatty acids. Wrinkles are filled from the inside, providing an instantly visible lifting effect that makes the skin look smoother and firmer for a more fresh, youthful and relaxed appearance.


The VINOBLE COSMETICS lifting set is the ideal solution to care for and protect your skin in autumn and beyond. It's an investment in your skin health and beauty that will show through a more youthful and radiant complexion.