At VINOBLE COSMETICS, the power of nature meets innovative skincare. We harness the exceptional properties of grapes and roses to create skincare products with instant effects. A world that blends tradition with modern science – discover how we meticulously handcraft cosmetics in Austria with utmost love and care, offering your skin the best of nature.

Our "Handmade Philosophy"

Our philosophy, rooted in our deep connection to nature and our commitment to excellent craftsmanship, is visible in each of our products. This uniqueness defines our brand and showcases the value we place on superior quality. That's why our products contain the best natural ingredients, carefully selected and crafted into effective formulas. Every batch of our classic line and our pure natural cosmetics is handcrafted in Austria.

Naturally handcrafted – a promise to your skin and the environment

In addition to the careful selection of ingredients, every step of our product manufacturing process is conducted with utmost responsibility to our environment. We understand that protecting our skin goes hand in hand with protecting our planet. Our goal is to strengthen the trust of our customers through complete transparency and to convince them of the quality of handmade cosmetics from Austria.


  • Selection of ingredients: We use exclusively renewable and natural ingredients. At the heart of our formulations lies the grape – rich in antioxidants, vitamins, and minerals, it nourishes and protects the skin in a unique way. Our pure natural cosmetics line offers another special feature as we combine COSMOS-certified raw materials with high concentrations of active ingredients – for products characterized by their purity and freshness. 0 % critical ingredients, 100 % fragrance-free, vegan, and handmade in Austria, the VINOBLE COSMETICS pure line is a collection of natural skincare products that embody the beauty of nature.

  • Sourcing of ingredients: In selecting our suppliers, we place great emphasis on keeping transportation routes as short as possible, thus contributing to minimizing CO2 Almost all our raw materials come from suppliers in Central Europe, some even from providers in the immediate region of VINOBLE COSMETICS. For example, lavender is sourced from a regional organic farm, as is red wine from Southern Styria.

  • Production: Our products are microplastic-free and manufactured in our own cosmetics manufactory in Austria under strict quality guidelines. Additionally, all our products bear the vegan seal of the Vegan Society – a sign that our entire range is free from animal ingredients and is cruelty-free. Furthermore, all products of the pure line are certified according to the strict guidelines of the COSMOS-Natural Cosmetics seal of BDIH. This is a guarantee that these are pure natural cosmetics, while simultaneously ensuring responsible use of natural resources, respectful treatment of nature, and clean production and processing methods.

  • Packaging and shipping: With our reduced product packaging made of glass, wood, and fabric, which completely eliminates the need for outer packaging, we are setting new standards not only in design but also in terms of sustainability. Handcrafted in Austria to the highest standards, the closures made from European ash wood are manufactured by a local carpenter’s workshop. Additionally, some of our products are available in sustainable tubes made from 95 % renewable raw materials (85% sugar cane and 10 % FSC-certified spruce wood waste). By using a multilayer bottom label, there is no need for outer packaging and package inserts Another aspect that makes our classic and natural cosmetics from Austria so special: thanks to tissue paper, stylish cardboard boxes, and environmentally friendly adhesive tapes, even shipping is done completely without plastic.


Clean Beauty – handmade luxury for everyday use

At VINOBLE COSMETICS, innovation and nature blend in perfect harmony. Our product development team tirelessly combines the latest scientific findings with the best natural ingredients. The goal of our cosmetics "handmade in Austria" is to maximize the power of nature in each of our formulations without compromising on effectiveness. That's why you'll find products with universal suitability for every skin type and gender. Our minimalist-puristic product design and our promise of pure, sustainable, and deeply nourishing skincare make our (natural) cosmetics from Austria a small luxury for everyday life. A treat for all the senses, offering everyone the opportunity to pamper themselves every day.