International Yoga Day on June 21 – salutations to the sun

Yoga is an invitation to feel happy, an invitation to bring the mind and body back into balance. Yoga tests us and it also relaxes us. Yoga is practiced everywhere. Almost everyone who cares about their physical and mental wellbeing will have taken an interest in yoga or attended a yoga class at some point.

Today, June 21, is International Yoga Day. International Yoga Day was celebrated for the first time four years ago. In December 2014, the United Nations General Assembly adopted a resolution declaring June 21 to be International Yoga Day. This day is intended to highlight and raise awareness of the health benefits of yoga. Since then, it has taken place annually on June 21, to coincide with the first day of summer.

To mark International Yoga Day, we are dedicating ourselves to a sequence of exercises that is practiced in the most diverse ways all around the world. The sun salutation is perhaps one of the most popular yoga sequences. Depending on which style is followed or preferred, it is taught and practiced in many variations. And what would International Yoga Day be without a sun salutation?

Translated from Sanskrit, Sūrya Namaskāra literally means “salute to the sun.” It mobilizes, stretches and strengthens a wide variety of muscles, ligaments and tendons, and it activates the cardiovascular system. The sun prayer, as it is also known, is traditionally practiced in the morning. Throughout history, people have activated and mobilized their mind and body by turning to the sun and greeting it, allowing them to start the day full of strength and energy. The connection between mind and body, between movement and breathing, is one of the most important parts of the sun salute, as it allows you to lose yourself more in this meditative exercise.

The sun salutation is a bow to the sun. It is intended to symbolize the deep humility and gratitude towards it and to show appreciation for its life-giving light and nourishing warmth.

The sun salutation is often practiced at the beginning of a yoga session as a warm-up exercise and then gently incorporated into further yoga postures. The sun salutation is also great before a run or a work-out, as it reduces the risk of injury.

The sun salutation is one of my own personal favorites. It lets me start the day full of energy and feeling light, strong and flexible. The sun salutation is also good if you have already had a long day but still have things to do. Thanks to the revitalizing effect of the sequence, a few rounds of the sun salutation will leave you feeling refreshed and full of energy. One of the nicest things about Sūrya Namaskāra is that it can be performed anywhere in this magical world – in any hotel room, on any beach, on any terrace, in any room, or anywhere else.

Sun salute, we salute you!

Enjoy your salute to the sun and live your life to the fullest. I hope you all have a wonderful International Yoga Day filled with an abundance of sun salutes and lightness.


Eva-Maria Flucher


Eva-Maria Flucher – yoga cosmopolitan

Eva-Maria Flucher has traveled to more than 50 countries around the world, many of them more than once. Based on her knowledge of yoga, Ayurveda, mind management, travel and living that she has acquired while spending time in the widest variety of places in this magical world, she has developed her own unique DO-YOGA method. Proprietor of DO-YOGA in Styria. Eva-Maria has held seminars and workshops in many countries on three continents. She is the author of the book “Travel Yoga – Relaxed on the Road”  and has written various specialist articles about yoga and mind management for renowned magazines (e.g. Yoga Journal, Ayurveda Journal and ERFOLG). Eva-Maria is a successful blogger in various social media channels on the subject of yoga and mind management.


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Alina Leitinger

Nutrition tips for healthy, happy skin

Beautiful, healthy and happy skin is not just a question of the right skincare. What we eat also has a major influence on the health of our skin. A balanced diet with plenty of fresh fruit, vegetables and fluids is not only healthy, it also makes your skin glow. Read here our nutrition tips for healthy and happy skin.

The human body is made up of 100 trillion cells that should ideally be working together in harmony. When some cells with the same function join together, they form tissue. If several types of tissue combine, they form an organ, which in turn leads to organ systems and, finally, the entire organism (the human being).  In terms of function, the skin is the body’s most versatile organ. To stay healthy and happy, it needs essential nutrients and sufficient fluids. 



Water is essential for healthy skin cells. Drinking sufficient fluids improves blood flow through the skin, thereby activating its metabolism. This improvement in metabolic activity can make the skin perform its protective and defensive function more effectively, making it look fresher over time.

Tip:      Improve the appearance of your skin by drinking at least 1.5 liters of water or mineral water every day. Soft drinks, alcohol and pure fruit juices should be avoided.

healthy food


Omega 3 fatty acids are a real wonder weapon for the skin. The body cannot produce these special fatty acids itself, so it must absorb them from food. Omega-3 fatty acids originate from the plant kingdom (linseed oil, walnuts) or from marine sources (fish, algae).

The vital representatives eicosapentaenoic acid (EPA) and docosahexaenoic acid (DHA) are particularly important. They can be found in algae and oily fish caught in the wild. EPA and DHA help alleviate dry skin and eczema.  Thanks to their anti-inflammatory effect, they reduce skin inflammation, redness and dandruff.

Tip:      Eat wild-caught oily fish, such as salmon, herring or mackerel, on a regular basis. Fish from flowing water (such as trout) is also recommended. With linseed oil in your diet, and one of our nurturing body oils, everything will run like clockwork – both inside and out.



Stress can quickly make the skin look old. This is because it increases the formation of free radicals, which can damage our cells. Many vitamins, minerals and secondary phytochemicals found in food are effective in combating free radicals. These cell protectors are referred to as “antioxidants.” One important representative is OPC (oligomeric proanthocyanidins), the main active ingredient of Vinoble Cosmetics products.

Vitamin A strengthens mucous membranes and supports natural regeneration processes. The human body is able to produce this vitamin itself from the secondary plant substance beta-carotene. Beta-carotene is deposited in the outer layers of the skin, protecting it against UV radiation, among other things. Good sources of beta-carotene include carrots and parsley.

Vitamin C plays a major role in synthesizing collagen. Collagen is a key component of connective tissue (bones, teeth, cartilage, tendons, ligaments) and the skin, making it responsible for the structure, stability and strength of the body. Nature has gifted us some real vitamin C bombs, such as grapes. Bell peppers, broccoli, potatoes and fresh fruit can also be easily integrated into everyday life. And with secondary phytochemicals from fresh herbs and spices, you can improve the absorption of vitamin C even further.

Vitamin E has an anti-inflammatory effect, which is why it is also known as the “anti-aging vitamin.”  Good sources of vitamin E include sunflower oil, wheat germ oil and almonds.

Zinc reduces excessive sebum production, supports wound healing, and stimulates healthy skin renewal. Your diet should include organic meat and eggs, poppy seeds, pumpkin seeds, pecans, oatmeal, lentils and cocoa.

With the right skin care, sufficient water, omega-3 fatty acids, and antioxidant foods, we can help the skin to stay healthy, radiant and firm for a long time – both inside and out.

Tip: The highly efficient combination of active ingredients in our regenerating concentrate also protects the skin’s cells against oxidizing environmental effects by counteracting free radicals, thereby preventing premature aging of the skin.

Alina Leitinger – nutrition expert

More helpful tips from our nutrition, sports and relaxation expert Alina Leitinger, MSc. can be found here.

We also recommend reading her bestselling book “Life Changer – Mit der AnLeitinger Methode zu Vitalität und Lebensfreude” to support your detox. Click here for a free sample.

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Women in yoga pose

Detox Yoga – 5 exercises to help you detox

Emotional and mental stress caused by pressure at work, feeling like you always have to be reachable, difficult situations in your home and family life – all of these things can make you feel tired and zap your precious energy. If you are unable to let go emotionally and physically or your organs are not in tune with you, it is time to make a change. Do something good for your body and help it to detoxify. With these detox yoga exercises from our expert Eva Maria Flucher you can support your body while cleansing.

With effective ‘Yogasanas’ (still yoga poses), you can revive your whole body and your digestion, and also rekindle your ‘Agni’ (digestive fire). These five yoga exercises are particularly beneficial for the liver, kidneys and intestines, the body’s main detoxification and digestion organs. You can start with your detox yoga retreat right now.

1.) Squat – Malasana

For this detox yoga exercise you need to stand up straight. Place your feet mat-width apart and lower yourself into a broad squat. Allow your buttocks to sink heavily towards the floor. Push your sternum up towards the sky and straighten your spine. Place your hands together in front of you in a prayer pose (Anjali Mudra). Press your palms firmly together and feel how your hips start to gently relax. Gently press against your thighs and knees with the insides of your elbows. Push your heels towards the floor.


2.) Twisted cross-legged pose – Parivrtta Sukhasana

Sit in a comfortable position and breathe in and out, deeply and consciously, into your lower abdomen a few times. Straighten up your spine vertebra by vertebra, starting from your lower back. Push your sternum up towards the sky. When breathing out, begin turning to the right, starting from your lower back. Place your right hand behind you on the mat, while looking over your right shoulder. Stretch your spine while inhaling, and twist your body around further while exhaling. Stay in this position for 5-8 breaths, then switch to the other side while breathing out. This exercise will gently massage your internal organs, mobilize your spine, and open your ribcage.

women exercising

3.) Revolved side angle pose – Parivrtta Parsvakonasana

Stand in a lunge position and place your rear knee on the mat. Straighten your upper body and put your hands together in a prayer pose. Now turn your upper body to the left and touch the outside of your right thigh with your left elbow – press against your thigh with your elbow and against your upper arm with your thigh. Gently press the upper hand against the lower hand to intensify the twist. Your belly button should turn towards your thigh. Push your shoulder blades together. To release, place both hands back on the mat. Stay in this position for 5-8 breaths, then practice these two asanas on the other side. This exercise intensifies the detoxification of the organs, releases blockages in the spine, and gives you new strength and energy.


4.) Push-up pose – Chaturanga

Move from the lunge position directly into a push-up position by moving the front leg back alongside the left leg. You can raise your knees from the mat or leave them on it. Stay in this position for 2-5 breaths. While breathing out, start bending your elbows, leaving them close to the side of your body. Lower your whole body evenly until you are lying prone on the mat. This exercise strengthens the core and torso and generates heat in the body.


5.) Plank pose – Shishuasana Phalakasana

Starting from the prone position, put your elbows directly below your shoulders and place your forearms on the mat. Make sure that your wrists, forearms and elbows are parallel to the outer edge of the mat. Point your toes up and lift your pelvis off the mat while breathing in. Bring your pelvis and shoulders into line and hold the position for a few breaths. Activate your inner thighs and draw them together. Push your heels up towards the sky and press your forearms firmly into the mat. To release, return to the prone position and breathe deeply in and out. This exercise strengthens the stomach and shoulders, stretches the backs of the legs, and boosts your strength and self-confidence.

Click HERE for the video and more yoga exercises.

Eva-Maria Flucher – yoga cosmopolitan

Eva-Maria Flucher has traveled to more than 50 countries around the world, many of them more than once. Based on her knowledge of yoga, Ayurveda, mind management, travel and living that she has acquired while spending time in the widest variety of places in this magical world, she has developed her own unique DO-YOGA method. Proprietor of DO-YOGA in Styria. Eva-Maria has held seminars and workshops in many countries on three continents. She is the author of the book “Travel Yoga – Relaxed on the Road”  and has written various specialist articles about yoga and mind management for renowned magazines (e.g. Yoga Journal, Ayurveda Journal and ERFOLG). Eva-Maria is a successful blogger in various social media channels on the subject of yoga and mind management.


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Girl feels Skin Happiness

Skin Happiness – make your skin smile

We believe mindfulness, exercise and nutrition are the cornerstones of a happy and healthy life. Therefor our skin plays an important part, as it also tells the world how we’re feeling inside by reflecting our mental and physical condition. If you are happy, then so is your skin and you feel skin happiness.

girl smiling in the phone - Skin Happiness

Skin Happiness as a routine

Healthy skin influences your wellbeing, your emotions, and how you feel. Healthy skin helps to make you more confident and self-assured. Only healthy skin can feel skin happiness. When you’re happy, you smile automatically and your beauty becomes even more evident. Your face is radiant and you love it. Happy skin therefore makes a big contribution to your general wellbeing. To keep the skin happy and healthy, it is essential to give your biggest sense organ some daily love and affection. There are many simple things you can do to make your skin glow.

  • Use a mild cleansing product every day to free your skin from dirt and grime. Our cleansing milk 2 in 1 cleanses and removes make-up intensively without drying it out.
  • Provide your skin with plenty of moisture. Therefor natural ingredients are the best, because they improve the health of your skin and supply it with everything it needs. The refreshing fluid works like a freshness boost and puts a smile on your face.
  • Treat your skin to something special at least once a week with a gentle scrub or a nourishing mask. The fruit acid peel removes dead skin cells, ensures a clear complexion and makes you look radiant. The lifting & regenerating mask tightens and regenerates your skin with valuable tannins from red wine. Enjoy a glass of wine to enhance the feeling of relaxation.
  • Visit a spa. After a stressful period, take some time out to unwind and let yourself be pampered in a spa. Our Spa Finder will show you the most beautiful Vinoble spas.
4 products for Skin Happiness

A happy life is essential – but which aspects give you even happier skin?

Happy smile: Smile! Show the kind of smile you would like to see on the faces of others, without waiting for them to show it first. Smile at people you meet – they’ll smile back and feel better. Smile at the world and you’ll make others happy. Your skin will also be happy, because when we laugh, endorphins are released and 15 facial muscles are tensed.

Happy food: A healthy diet is the basis for a happy and healthy life. Eat lots of colorful fruits and vegetables and drink plenty of water. Water is especially important for maintaining the skin’s moisture levels. However, try to cut out bad habits. But you can still treat yourself to a cocktail or a piece of chocolate every now and then. Take your time when eating, and enjoy your meals in quiet surroundings.

Happy place: You’re sure to have a special place that reminds you of happy moments. Whether it’s your favorite café or a beautiful nature spot. Once you have found this place, hold onto it and keep visiting it again and again. It will make your skin glow.

Happy breathing: Try to keep stress to a minimum. Whenever you can’t manage during a stressful moment, take a deep breath and concentrate entirely on your breathing for a few minutes. Close your eyes and focus only on the here and now. It will calm your body and prevent wrinkles and frown lines from forming. Make a conscious effort to take these breaks every day, even if you’re not feeling stressed – it will help you maintain your positive outlook on life.

Happy fitness: Exercise helps to supply the skin with oxygen and nutrients, making it look young and healthy. Take some time out for a long walk on weekends, for example. Or enjoy the fresh air in the mountains or by the lake. You’ll not only be doing something for your fitness but also for your mind.

Happy sleep: Shut off your engine and enjoy a good night’s sleep. Sufficient sleep is the best remedy against an overactive mind. Consequently getting plenty of sleep will also make you look and feel good. This is because the skin regenerates overnight, so that it’s ready to radiate again in the morning. Consider sleep a necessity and not a luxury.

Let yourself be inspired to heartfelt laughter and enjoy those special moments for yourself. We wish you all-round #SkinHappiness!


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Woman avoiding dry skin

4 tips to avoid dry skin in winter

We expect a lot from our skin in winter: Sub-zero temperatures and constantly moving between indoors and outdoors can make our skin dry, flaky, and sometimes even itchy. That’s when you know the time has come to adapt your skin care routine to the cold temperatures so you can easily meet the challenges of the winter months. If you follow our four skin care tips, your skin will thank you and have a healthy glow throughout the winter.

You can see a water splash on the picture

1.) More moisture, please!

The most important thing in winter is moisture. First, it’s important to take care of your skin from within by watching your diet and drinking plenty of fluids. Hydrating drinks and foods are especially beneficial here. To keep your skin healthy, you should drink at least 1.5 liters of water per day. Not too keen on water? Then unsweetened tea is a good alternative. We recommend green tea or herbal tea, as they also support the moisture balance of your skin.

Second, your skin’s moisture levels can be easily improved by treating the surface with rich creams that protect against dry skin.

2.) The perfect cream to avoid dry skin in winter

Although we always dress appropriately for rain, sun or snow, many of us forget to also change our skincare routines to suit the seasons. Winter is much drier than summer. This makes it important to adapt your skin care to the different conditions and protect your skin and give it the love and attention it needs. When temperatures drop below eight degrees, the skin stops producing sebum. This means that it receives and retains less moisture, which makes it dry and weakens the skin barrier. That’s when it becomes particularly important to choose a product that gives your skin plenty of moisture and optimum care. Our regeneration cream is ideally suited for this. The rich cream regenerates your skin for 24 hours. It contains grape seed oil that is rich in essential fatty acids and nourishes the skin. If you are planning to go on a long walk or to hit the ski slopes, you’ll definitely need sun protection. It’s particularly important to protect the skin when up in the mountains, where UV radiation is stronger. With its unique combination of UVA+UVB sun protection filters and grape stem cells, Vinoble’s protecting day cream SPF 30 UVA & UVB safeguards the skin cells against sunburn and premature skin aging. Unlike many other sun protection products, this cream doesn’t contain any endocrine active substances. When cleansing, it is also important to use products that don’t draw moisture from the skin, as can happen with treatments that contain alcohol. For the cold season, we recommend Vinoble cleansing milk 2 in 1. Thanks to aloe vera and soybean oil, it both cleanses and nurtures the skin.

Our tip: If you’re looking for the perfect nurturing program for your skin type, take a look at our skin type finder, which will help you find just the right Vinoble Cosmetics skin care products for your needs.

Person puts some cream on skin

3.) Dealing with dry air from heating systems

Large temperature fluctuations and constantly moving between the warm indoors and the cold outdoors can make your skin feel tight. It produces less oil and loses its protective function. An easy way to make your home more skin-friendly is to place a cup of water on a radiator or use a humidifier. Even airing out the room for just a few minutes can make a big difference to the indoor climate, as it regulates moisture levels and improves the quality of the air. A humidity level of 40 to 50 percent is ideal. Your skin will also be happy if you treat yourself to a nourishing bath once a week. Add a few drops of our pure grape seed oil to your bathtub and use our protecting hand cream as well.

4.) Look healthier and more youthful by avoiding stress and maintaining a regular sleep routine

Our lives can be stressful at times, with opportunities to relax and recuperate seemingly few and far between. Today’s increasing demands and responsibilities, both at home and at the office, can lead to an unhealthy lifestyle and get in the way of beautiful skin. Even if you are stressed and under pressure, it’s important to get to bed early and stick to your sleep routine. Having enough sleep helps the skin to regenerate and form new collagen. Collagen is particularly important for our skin, as it enhances elasticity, which is essential for wrinkle-free skin. Our skin regenerates and produces new collagen during sleep. Ideally, we should get seven to nine hours per night. But in addition to getting plenty of sleep, you should also give your skin an extra portion of moisture by using a serum that is rich in nurturing oils. With a combination of jojoba oil, avocado oil, almond oil and grape seed oil, our regenerating oil serum nourishes the skin with essential fatty acids and moisturizes it overnight.

Follow these skin care tips and you’ll be perfectly prepared for the cold season! Remember to care for your skin properly and with love, especially during the winter – your skin will thank you with a healthy glow.


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Home-Spa in der Badewanne

Home Spa Program for Body and Soul

If there’s no time in your busy schedule for a trip to the spa, why not bring the spa to you? Treat yourself to a little luxury from time to time. Because regular “me time” makes it easier to cope with stressful times. Lay in the bath, completely switch off, and just relax for a while. You’ve earned it, this complete pampering program for the body and soul. Leave stress and the winter cold locked outside and immerse yourself in a world of relaxation with our Vinoble pampering program.

What you need for your home spa:

Salt & grape seed scrub,
pure grape seed oil and
red grape bath.

Vinoble Cosmetics Home-Spa Produkte

Cleansing & nurturing body scrub for soft skin

First pamper your skin with the cleansing salt & grape seed scrub. Mix 2-4 tablespoons of the salt and grape seed mixture with a sufficient amount of pure grape seed oil until the scrub has reached the desired consistency. Then massage the scrub into your wet skin using gentle movements. The sea salt has a stimulating effect, improves the skin’s circulation, and gently removes dead skin cells, while the grape seed oil contains essential fatty acids and provides intensive moisture. Now lay in the bath – the scrub will stay on the skin throughout.

Relaxing bath with seductive grape scent

For a full bath, add 3-5 large tablespoons of red grape bath to the bath water. Add scented candles to create a nice, relaxing atmosphere. Lay in the bath, close your eyes, and enjoy. The fresh and fruity scent of red grapes radiates contentment and joy and happiness. And the aloe vera in the red grape bath moisturizes your skin and keeps it supple. Antioxidants from the grape protect the skin. Close your eyes and relax for 20 minutes in a warm bath. After getting out, dry yourself with a towel, but only lightly to ensure that the valuable oil remains on the skin. You don’t have to use a body cream, as the skin will already be well nourished and silky smooth from the rich oil.

Our tip: It’s best to use a dark bath towel, as the grape seed oil can permanently discolor white textiles.

Final relaxation stage

For even deeper relaxation, treat yourself to some more peace and quiet afterwards – ideally with a heated neck roll and a good book. Round off your pampering session with a nice cup of tea – the hot drink is known for its beneficial properties and will help you relax and switch off.

Enjoy relaxing – you’ve earned it!


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Nachhaltige Verpackungen - Materialien

Say hello to our new, sustainable packaging!

Natural materials, clean lines, and a distinctive look: these are the new Vinoble Cosmetics products. Our packaging made of glass and wood is not only beautiful to look at, it is also environmentally friendly. In addition to our new minimalistic product design, the fine textures, and delicate scents provide you with small moments of luxury with every application.

Vinoble Cosmetics_nachhaltige Verpackungen

Simply sustainable: without plastic tubes and outer packaging.

From now on the Vinoble products have an all-natural look and feel. Our new jars and bottles are made of glass and come with wooden lids. Embossed on the lids, you will find the Vinoble grape, whose active ingredients give our products its natural power. Dark green glass protects the precious content from UV radiation. For a luxurious feel, the product labels are made of high-quality fabric. The product descriptions as well as the ingredient list are neatly tucked away in a label attached at the bottom. By not using any plastic tubes or outer packaging whatsoever, Vinoble Cosmetics sets new standards for sustainability within the beauty industry. In order to keep the ecological foot print as small as possible, all packaging materials come from European suppliers.

nachhaltige Verpackungen firming décolléte cream

The Vegan Society Trademark guarantees highest standards

What is true for the packaging, also holds true for the contents. Vinoble Cosmetics are quite simply nature in a jar. You can see it at first glance in our naturally colored formulations, whose colors range from subtle apricot to darker shades of brown. Responsible for the unique colors of the products are the highly concentrated antioxidants from grapes, which help to protect your skin cells against premature aging. All our products are now registered with the Vegan Society. The Vegan Trademark guarantees that our products do not contain any animal-derived substances and are not tested on animals.

Vinoble products combine natural ingredients, minimalism, sustainability and efficacy. This is our promise, to your skin and the environment.

New product names

Did you know that Vinoble products are available in spas and beauty salons in 14 countries worldwide? That is why we have decided to give them English product names that everyone will understand. The new names are intuitive and make it easier for you to find the matching products for you skin type. Most product names are made up of the product’s effect and the product category, as you can see in this example: cooling eye gel. The remaining products carry common names, like our fruit acid peel.

High-quality products made in Austria

All Vinoble products are produced in an environmentally friendly manner in our production center in Austria. Luise Koefer, founder and CEO of Vinoble Cosmetics says, “Our slogan [connect to nature. share skin happiness.] is an invitation to get closer to nature, as we believe that nature is the true source of healthy skin. Our guiding principle can be characterized by a deeply-rooted respect for nature, which directs our daily thoughts and actions. The new sustainable and minimalistic packaging as well as our natural products are an expression of this respectful connection.”

Shop for new products now!


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