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Determine your skin type and find the matching products!

Vinoble skincare aims at making your skin healthy and leaving you with a feeling that we call skin happiness. This is the feeling you experience when your skin is perfectly hydrated, has a natural glow, and simply feels amazing.

Natural skincare for every skin type

Healthy skin has enough moisture and elasticity. Internal and external influences, however, can affect skin health. This is most noticeable during stressful times or when your hormones undergo changes. Also, air pollution and rapidly changing weather during travel can have a negative impact on your skin. Our natural skincare products with their highly concentrated grape-based active ingredients help your skin to protect itself from these influences and nourish it naturally.

In 3 steps to individual care

Determine skin type
Find your matching color point
Select the right care products

Determine your skin type


Normal skin

Normal skin is silky smooth, has fine pores, good circulation, and a healthy color.
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Dry skin

Dry skin is visibly rough, slightly scaly and sometimes feels itchy.
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Oily skin

Oily skin is quite pale and fleshy and has clearly visible pores. It is shiny in places.
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Combination skin

Combination skin has normal to dry cheeks but is oily in the T-zone (forehead, nose and chin). Some of the pores are enlarged. It is occasionally plagued by blemishes.
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Aging skin

Aging skin has some fine lines as well as wrinkles and feels rather dry. It lacks firmness and elasticity.
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Sensitive skin

Sensitive skin reacts sensitively to external influences and quickly shows irritations, redness, and feelings of tension. A characteristic feature of sensitive skin is that it can only fulfill its function as a barrier against environmental influences and pathogens to a limited extent. Thus, sensitive skin also shows an increased tendency to skin diseases or allergies.
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