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A fresh complexion in the twinkling of an eye! Skin is protected and smoothed with precious grape seed extracts derived from grape skins and vines. Round molecules of grape seed and walnuts gently exfoliate the skin, and the face mask, individually tailored to your skin type, has an immediate revitalising effect.

The facial treatment for a radiantly beautiful skin! Masks and serums are selected to suit your skin type, and these intensive care products give the skin a radiant glow. Included is an eye treamtent that smoothes fine lines and restores vitality and freshness. Choose to focus on relaxation, moisturisation, even skin tone or radiance, and simply let yourself be pampered.

Anti-aging has never felt so luxurious! Pamper yourself with this intensive treatment that features an enzymatic exfoliating scrub, an eye treatment and a massage. Our exklusive ampoules contain a blend of active ingredients specifically selected to suit your skin type. Fine lines are smoothed out and skin feels toned and tightened. Choose between a warm contour-enhancing mask or a cooling polyphenol peel-off mask. and feel how your skin becomes noticeably more radiant and toned.

Spoil your eye contour! The highly concentrated Eye Lift Ampule simply erases wrinkles, while the refreshing eye gel with OPC relaxes your stressed eye region. The intensively nurturing eye-mask with calming ampules gives your eyes a visible sparkle.



VINOBLE MINI LIFTING (Spa Diamond Winner 2015)
Look fresher at once! Your mini-lifting rejuvenates the skin with soft tartaric acid peeling. The secret? The vitality of the Sausal Pinot Noir grape seed: grape stem cells and precious red wine extracts, which visibly refresh and firm your skin.

Maximum lifting effect! The luxury version of our prize-winning mini-lifting facial. Tartaric acid peeling, vegan grape stem cells, red wine extracts and a modelling mask make this treatment an unforgettable experience. The skin feels smoother, firmer and nourished well into its deep layers.

Our example: the natural goodness of the vine

The life and strength within the little grape seeds that thrive in the nutritious soil of the idyllic Styrian wine region are the key to our expertise at Vinoble. These little seeds transform themselves into powerful and robust vines and grapes enriched with great mineral wealth.

Embedded within the highly nutritious soil, the grape seed develops strength and energy to defend itself against adverse influences, helping it to grow into a beautiful and healthy vine. This happens every day, following the rhythm of the seasons. It is mirrored in the quality and quantity of the grapes – and in the seeds of every single grape.

Our precious skin care products by Vinoble Cosmetics follow this example: enriched with highly active ingredients and extracts from the vine, they nourish and revitalize the skin cells. Giving your skin new strength and energy, they also help to protect your skin from harm and activate the cells’ regenerative capacity. This effect also promotes the cells’ active regeneration, giving your skin a beautifully healthy and youthful glow. We think that this is one of the greatest gifts to beauty that nature has given us.

Luise Köfer, CEO

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