Baths and Masks

Deep Tissue Baths and Masks by Vinoble Cosmetics

Our baths and masks are enriched with sophisticated anti-aging ingredients, which we have extracted with great care from our domestic vines.

At Vinoble Cosmetics we have enriched our baths and masks with sophisticated anti-aging ingredients, which we have extracted with great care from our domestic vines. Enjoy a very special experience, be it in our wine bath or with the body mask of your choice.

Vinoble Barrique Wine Bath
This moisturizing bath protects and nourishes the vascular wall of your skin and leaves you with a feeling of pure silky smoothness.

Vinoble Basic Body Mask
Enriched with precious, cold-pressed grape seed oil this body mask deeply nourishes your skin for a long-lasting effect. While you are lying on the soft pack bed or under a heated blanket you can literally feel the relaxation flowing through your body, mind and soul.

Vinoble Silhouette Body Mask
Enriched with our special Viniferin this body mask stimulates the fat burning process. Cellulite and little bumps are visibly reduced – thus bringing you one step closer to your dream silhouette.

Our example: the natural goodness of the vine

The life and strength within the little grape seeds that thrive in the nutritious soil of the idyllic Styrian wine region are the key to our expertise at Vinoble. These little seeds transform themselves into powerful and robust vines and grapes enriched with great mineral wealth.

Embedded within the highly nutritious soil, the grape seed develops strength and energy to defend itself against adverse influences, helping it to grow into a beautiful and healthy vine. This happens every day, following the rhythm of the seasons. It is mirrored in the quality and quantity of the grapes – and in the seeds of every single grape.

Our precious skin care products by Vinoble Cosmetics follow this example: enriched with highly active ingredients and extracts from the vine, they nourish and revitalize the skin cells. Giving your skin new strength and energy, they also help to protect your skin from harm and activate the cells’ regenerative capacity. This effect also promotes the cells’ active regeneration, giving your skin a beautifully healthy and youthful glow. We think that this is one of the greatest gifts to beauty that nature has given us.

Luise Köfer, CEO

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