Active Ingredients

Active Ingredients by Vinoble Cosmetics for a Long-lasting Effect.

At its very core, our exclusive Spa Brand Vinoble Cosmetics is inspired by the life cycle of the vine.

Vinoble Cosmetics has made the vine’s natural power to renew itself the key to our expertise: embedded in fertile soil, the little grape seed begins to set roots, then grows and thrives. When the vine finally blooms and produces its sweet ripe fruits, this fascinating life cycle is also ready to begin all over again with revitalized energy.

We carefully extract precious concentrates from active ingredients from the vine and use them in perfectly aligned proportions. These active ingredients are at the heart of our premium and high quality natural face and body care products. We complement our products with precious herbal essences to create spa cosmetics unrivaled in exclusivity and effectiveness.

Five essential parts of the natural vine are at the core of our state of the art formulas.

The active ingredient Antioxidans Oligomere Proanthocyanidine, OPC in short, found in the shell of the grape seed protects the skin from ageing and harmful environmental influences.

This special antioxidant Anti-Aging agent is extracted from red grapes and defends against processes responsible for the aging of skin cells.

Stem Cells
Grape stem cells can penetrate even deeper skin layers, where they form a very effective protective shield against UVA radiation. Thus they help to protect your skin against premature ageing.

Grape Seed Oil
The precious oil made from the little grape seed is rich in unsaturated fatty acids and helps to deeply rejuvenate and pamper cracked or lean skin.

This active ingredient is obtained from the grapevine shoot and has a very soothing effect on the skin. It also promotes blood circulation and supports the fat reduction within the cells.

Our example: the natural goodness of the vine

The life and strength within the little grape seeds that thrive in the nutritious soil of the idyllic Styrian wine region are the key to our expertise at Vinoble. These little seeds transform themselves into powerful and robust vines and grapes enriched with great mineral wealth.

Embedded within the highly nutritious soil, the grape seed develops strength and energy to defend itself against adverse influences, helping it to grow into a beautiful and healthy vine. This happens every day, following the rhythm of the seasons. It is mirrored in the quality and quantity of the grapes – and in the seeds of every single grape.

Our precious skin care products by Vinoble Cosmetics follow this example: enriched with highly active ingredients and extracts from the vine, they nourish and revitalize the skin cells. Giving your skin new strength and energy, they also help to protect your skin from harm and activate the cells’ regenerative capacity. This effect also promotes the cells’ active regeneration, giving your skin a beautifully healthy and youthful glow. We think that this is one of the greatest gifts to beauty that nature has given us.

Luise Köfer, CEO

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