Sunny temperatures mean spending a lot of time outdoors, good vibes, and a sun-kissed complexion that mentally transports us to vacation mode. But how do you achieve a natural, long-lasting tan without straining your skin? The answer lies in our 3-in-1 tanning oil, promising radiant skin without compromise through its unique blend of natural ingredients, light sun protection, and nurturing after-sun effects. It is a tan that not only looks good but is also healthy.


How does the VINOBLE COSMETICS tanning oil work?

Our tanning oil SPF 6 is a premium blend designed to promote a natural and even tan. Innovative tan enhancers from the power of nature ensure a quick and effective tan without damaging the skin. The secret lies in our unique formulation, using natural ingredients that intensify the tan while simultaneously protecting and nourishing the skin.

  • Natural oils like grape seed oil, coconut oil, and jojoba oil moisturize and nurture the skin
  • Vitamin E supports skin regeneration and has anti-inflammatory properties
  • Tyrosine stimulates melanin production in the skin, accelerating tanning and promoting an even tan
  • Astaxanthin from microalgae naturally protects the skin and gives it a unique glow with its reddish-golden color

In comparison to other tanning products

The gentle formula of our tanning oil ensures a natural and healthy tan that lasts long and optimally nourishes the skin. Our tanning oil thus provides a healthy alternative to many other tanning products – while they often contain synthetic or chemical ingredients, our product is based solely on natural ingredients.

Another point that makes our tanning oil special is its moisturizing effect. The rich oils not only tan the skin but also provide it with sufficient moisture, keeping the skin supple and soft.

Who hasn’t experienced the annoying spots and streaks when applying self-tanners? Thanks to the unique, lightweight texture of our tanning oil, it is easy to apply and ensures an even, streak-free tan without leaving a sticky feeling on the skin.

While many tanning products leave an unpleasant odor, the VINOBLE COSMETICS tanning oil SPF 6 mentally transports you to the beach with its scent of coconut, vanilla, and caramel, inviting you to dream of your next vacation.


How to use our tanning oil?

Triple benefits in one product – our tanning oil not only stimulates a healthy skin tone but also provides sun protection and care at the same time. Depending on your needs, the product can be used as follows:

  • Year-round, natural tan: For those wishing for a radiant complexion all year round, we recommend mixing our tanning oil with your daily facial or body care. For a natural result, apply one pump stroke two to three times a week.
  • Tan enhancement and protection: The tanning oil supports your skin during sunbathing and provides light sun protection, thanks to its SPF 6. Apply generously to the body 20 minutes before sunbathing and reapply as needed.
  • Longer-lasting tan: The nourishing ingredients of our tanning oil provide comprehensive after-sun care, keeping the skin supple and hydrated. By adding one pump stroke of the oil to your moisturizing care daily, you can enjoy your sun-kissed complexion for longer.


Additional tips for using tanning oil

  1. Exfoliation: Properly preparing the skin is crucial for optimal results. A thorough scrub before application removes dead skin cells, ensures an even tan, and improves the absorption of the tanning oil. For the face, we suggest using our enzyme scrub, while our salt & grape seed scrub is ideal for exfoliating your body.
  2. Moisturize dry areas: Especially knees and elbows often tend to be dry. Therefore, moisturize these areas half an hour before applying the tanning oil to achieve a more even tan.
  3. Circular motions: Apply the tanning oil in circular motions to evenly distribute and massage it into the skin.
  4. Wash hands & observe drying time: Wash your hands thoroughly after application and allow the tanning oil to absorb well into the skin to avoid discoloration on your clothes.
  5. Regular care: To maintain the tan for a long time, it is essential to moisturize the skin regularly, for example with our hydrating body cream.