Luise Köfer

Luise Köfer,
Founder & CEO of Vinoble Cosmetics

Out of love for cosmetics and her homeland, Luise Köfer, born in southern Styria, founded Vinoble Cosmetics in 2005. Her goal is to spread the feeling of healthy and happy skin. This is how a small cosmetics line for her own day spa became an internationally successful lifestyle brand with strong roots.


After sound training in the areas of laboratory, cosmetics, massage, pedicure and spa management, Luise Köfer opened her first beauty salon and day spa as early as 1998. As a visionary businesswoman, she recognised early on the wishes of her discerning customers for a natural product line combined with effective treatment methods.


Inspired by her home in southern Styria, which is known for its wine hills, Luise Köfer began to study the active ingredients of grapes and developed her first product line. Together with a team of experts, she also researched vinotherapy in old monastery books and developed vinotherapy treatments based on traditional European medicine, which have received several awards.


Luise Köfer was born with a connection to nature: She grew up in the unique Sausal region in southern Styria, which is known worldwide for its elite wines. Her parents had a large farm with vineyards near Kitzeck, where she still lives with her family. Even as a child, her love was for nature and the beautiful wine landscape.


Today, Luise Köfer wants to give something back to the region with her natural cosmetics line. She supports regional companies and uses regional raw materials as much as possible for her formulations. The topic of sustainability and respectful treatment of nature is an essential part of the corporate philosophy at Vinoble Cosmetics.


In her own Vinoble plant and show garden, Luise Köfer grows highly effective blossoms and herbs herself, which are then used in Vinoble Cosmetics products. This is where the visionary finds her inspiration and develops new ideas with great attention to detail.


In addition to her down-to-earth nature and strong roots, Luise Köfer sees herself as a lover of art and design. She always has her finger on the pulse of the latest lifestyle trends and focuses on luxurious product packaging in noble design. She proves time and again that luxury, quality and sustainability can be optimally combined.

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