Body oils are becoming increasingly popular at the moment, and for good reason. Not only do they offer a rich, natural alternative to conventional body lotions, but they can also become a soothing ritual for body and mind. We explain why body oils are the perfect addition to your daily skincare routine, how different oils affect your body and how to use them.


The effects and benefits of body oils

Whether as a balancing ritual, for daily care or for a relaxing massage - body oils can be used in a variety of ways and, depending on the oil type, can have different effects on the body. In addition to their mode of action, body oils intensively moisturise and supply the skin with valuable nutrients. This is because body oils are based on fatty acids and supply the skin with lipids. Thanks to their similarity to the skin’s own lipids, moisture can be better stored in the skin in contrast to water-based care products. This helps to get a silky-soft skin and to become dry, stressed skin more supple. Body oils that mainly contain plant-based oils are also particularly kind to the skin and therefore ideal for sensitive skin.


Our VINOBLE COSMETICS body oils contain a variety of different plant-based oils for every need:

  • Grape seed oil: is easily absorbed by the skin, promotes skin elasticity, is rich in essential fatty acids and vitamin E, which moisturise the skin and protect it from harmful environmental influences and can provide relief for irritated, sun-damaged skin due to its anti-inflammatory properties
  • Apricot seed oil: known for its moisturising and nourishing properties, has a calming effect and is particularly suitable for people with sensitive skin due to its good tolerability
  • Elderberry oil: protects against free radicals, has an anti-inflammatory effect and is rich in omega-3 fatty acids, which soothe and repair the skin
  • Hazelnut oil: is quickly absorbed, can help improve the appearance of scars and stretch marks, intensively nourishes and moisturises the skin thanks to its vitamins and minerals
  • Sunflower oil: suitable for all skin types, protects the skin from UV damage and is rich in linoleic acid, which moisturises the skin and strengthens the skin's barrier function
  • Essential oils: give body oils a pleasant fragrance and additional effects, for example thyme oil has stimulating properties, while yarrow oil relaxes and soothes


Body oils - versatile & for every need

People with dry skin in particular benefit from the numerous advantages of a body oil. However, their use is not exclusively limited to this skin type - because especially in winter due to the cool temperatures, or in summer when the skin is irritated from pool water and sunbathing, body oils are a welcome solution to moisturise the skin and provide it with intensive care.

As a skincare oil

Body oils can be used daily to moisturise the skin. It is only important to massage the oil into wet skin directly after showering. This makes it much easier to spread the oil on the skin, it is absorbed more quickly and only a small amount of the product is required. The VINOBLE COSMETICS body oils are all suitable for daily use.

As an intensive scrub

In combination with a scrub, dead skin cells are effectively removed while the oil moisturises and leaves the skin feeling silky-soft and nourished. We recommend our salt & grape seed scrub for a holistic skincare experience. Once or twice a week, two to four tablespoons of the scrub can be mixed with any VINOBLE COSMETICS body oil into a smooth mass. Massage into dry skin using circular motions, then rinse off.

For a massage

The use of body oils during a massage not only ensures smooth slippage, but can also promote different moods such as relaxation, refreshment or energy thanks to the body oil’s scent.

As a body serum

Our detoxifying body oil contains active ingredients from field pansy, lavender and rose that stimulate the detoxification via the skin and are therefore particularly suitable for cellulite. Thus, it can also be used as a body serum by applying it drop by drop to problem areas, while using a rich body cream, such as our hydrating body cream, for the rest of the body.


For the perfect glow

Especially in summer, when you are showing more skin, a body oil is ideal for giving the skin freshness and a natural glow.