Our lifting cream is not only one of the most popular products in our range, but also a prime example of the exceptional effectiveness that distinguishes VINOBLE COSMETICS. With this blog post, we'd like to give you a behind-the-scenes look at a true favourite product and the secret to visibly smoother, more youthful skin.


Why is our lifting cream unique?

Our lifting cream uses a unique ingredient complex of highly effective hyaluronic acid and barley extract to firm the skin and visibly reduce wrinkles. Vitamin E and grape seed extract act as free radical scavengers, helping to protect and renew the skin from light-induced skin aging processes.  The result - visibly lifted, firmer skin that feels as good as it looks.


Feel special with our lifting cream

If you integrate the lifting cream into your skin care routine, you will not only experience impressive results, but also a special care experience. Especially during the first weeks of application, you may experience a slight feeling of tightness on the skin. Don't worry, this is a sign that the skin is taking effect and the firming is becoming noticeable. This feeling of tension is an indication that the lifting cream is actively working and helping your skin to reveal its natural beauty.


Scientifically confirmed

The tension effect is only one facet of the comprehensive effectiveness of our lifting cream. Speaking about results, we can proudly refer to the scientific study that confirmed its effectiveness. In this study, 20 female participants with an average age of 47 years were examined. The test was carried out around the eye zone, as the depth of wrinkles is most detectable at this zone. Measurements were taken immediately after application and 24 hours later and the results were impressive - a 13% reduction in wrinkles was noted after the first application, and this was confirmed by 95% of the participants. Even after 24 hours, a reduction of 4% was still visible.


Integration into your care routine

The lifting cream is ideal as a night cream. Its rich texture works overnight to regenerate your skin. During the day, you can combine it with the essences from our pure product line to moisturize your skin. For daytime, we recommend either tinted day cream spf 30, our all-in-one solution that combines tint, wrinkle filler, radical scavenger and moisturizer in one product, or our protecting day cream spf 30 for highly effective protection without tinting.

More than just skin care

Like all other VINOBLE COSMETICS products, the lifting cream was developed not only for happier skin, but also to convey a message - for quality, sustainability and fairness. 
All products are manufactured in our own factory to ensure that the highest standards are met and fair working conditions are guaranteed. By choosing VINOBLE COSMETICS, you are choosing self-care and self-love - for your skin and for the world.