Step into foot bliss

Our feet are true heroes of everyday life. After all, they carry us around the world about three times in the course of our lives - a feat that is often underestimated! While moving around on foot is something we take for granted, we often only become aware of its importance when injuries limit the mobility of our feet.

With 28 bones, 33 joints, over 100 ligaments and 20 muscles and tendons, the foot is a complex creation in which every element must harmonize perfectly with each other. It is a balancing act that makes our daily lives possible and has also played a central role in Traditional European Medicine for thousands of years. The art of foot reflexology shows how targeted acupressure points can even positively influence our internal organs.

For this reason, a regular professional pedicure in a specialized institute or SPA hotel is recommended. Because well-groomed feet are not only a matter of aesthetics, but also contribute to general health and mobility.


Foot care with VINOBLE COSMETICS: anti-aging for the feet

VINOBLE COSMETICS has also recognized the importance of foot care. So, why not give our feet the same attention as our face or hands?

Compared to the rest of our body's skin, the skin on the soles of our feet is thicker and has more sweat glands. Therefore, it needs special care. The VINOBLE COSMETICS hydrating foot cream offers a unique combination of nourishing grape seed oil and walnut oil. Grape skin extract serves as a protective shield against free radicals that can promote premature skin aging. Aloe vera moisturizes and soothes, while menthol reduces excessive sweating of the feet.

Our regenerating foot cream is a highly effective foot cream based on anti-aging principles. In addition to valuable ingredients such as grape seed oil, grape skin extract and hyaluronic acid, it contains important skin protection vitamins that protect the feet from environmental influences.

For the care of toenails, VINOBLE COSMETICS recommends its nail & cuticle oil. This nourishing oil is perfect for daily use, helps soften cuticles and strengthens nails.


Tips for healthy feet and relaxation

However, taking care of our feet does not end with creams and oils. There are some best practices that contribute to health and relaxation:

Lift your feet: put your feet up a bit before bedtime. This promotes blood circulation and relief of stress on the feet.

Leg cycling in the morning: start your day with a simple exercise. Move your legs as you would when cycling. This stimulates circulation and promotes flexibility.

Cold foot affusions: Cold water applications are a benefit for the veins and contribute also to good circulation.

Relaxing foot bath: The VINOBLE COSMETICS red grape bath is the perfect additive for a relaxing foot bath. With the scent of red grapes, you can relax wonderfully. Extracts of grape leaves, oak bark and comfrey pamper your feet and promote their well-being.


Our feet deserve more attention than often given. Thanks to VINOBLE COSMETICS, you can now also pamper your feet with high-quality anti-aging care and focus on the health and beauty of your constant companions. Our feet deserve the best care we can offer them – so step into foot bliss!