Creative, sustainable and indispensable - we at VINOBLE COSMETICS are also fully committed to the upcycling trend and are convinced that topics like beauty and sustainability can go hand in hand. Respectful treatment of nature is deeply anchored in our corporate philosophy. For this reason, an empty beauty product does not mean the end of its packaging for us. This is where the upcycling approach comes into play - with our tips and ideas, we would like to show you how beautiful "reusing" can be.


From old to new

Our high-quality products come in equally high-quality packaging made of glass and wood - far too good to simply be thrown away. Instead, you can easily implement great decoration ideas for the living room, kitchen and co., which also help to protect the environment.  Because: we care not only about your skin, but also about our nature.

Upcycling Vase und TeelichtUpcycling Vase und Teelicht

Idea No. 1 - Vases

Our stylish 100 ml bottles, which contain, for example, our popular cleaning or body care products, make excellent flower vases. Their simple elegance adds a special touch to any room. Likewise, you can use the 15 ml dispenser bottles for small flower arrangements.

Idea No. 2 - Tealights & Glass Coasters

The 50 ml jars that are usually filled with our rich face creams and scrubs can serve as tea light holders after their use. This way you create a cozy atmosphere while enjoying a glass of wine, using the lids of our jars as stylish coasters.

Idea No. 3 - Kitchen gadgets

Our 100 ml jars, like those for our body care products, provide the perfect storage option for seasoning salt. The airtight seal keeps your spices fresh and aromatic. At the same time, our 15 ml dropper bottles allow precise dosing of vinegar and oil. Provided with a noble label, they therefore convince not only as a practical addition to your kitchen, but also as stylish design elements.


We celebrate the beauty of sustainability and encourage you to get creative and come up with your own ideas for reusing our packaging.
With this in mind - have fun with your next upcycling project!