Do you already treat yourself to regular time-outs? No? Then this is your reminder for more self-care! Especially in a time when we are driven to meet all the demands of daily life and to create the perfect balance between job, household and family, while more issues end up on our to-do list, one thing comes far too short - YOU!


Selfcare - more than just a luxury

For us, self-care means so much more than just giving ourselves a few quiet minutes. It is a necessity to become more aware of your own needs and to treat yourself with the same care and attention that you give to other people and loved ones. After all, this is the only way to maintain physical, mental and emotional health and avoid stress and overwhelm. First you have to feel good, then you'll be able to care for others.


But how does self-care actually succeed in the midst of stressful everyday life? 

  • Perceive your own needs
    In order to do something good for yourself, you first have to recognize your own desires and become aware of what you need and what gives you strength and energy again. The best way to do this is to consciously schedule a short time-out of a few minutes two or three times a day to ask yourself how you're feeling and what it is that you truly need at the moment. Even if it's just a short walk around the block to clear your head. If you like, note bigger wishes on paper - this way you can always remind yourself of your needs and clearly work on implementing them in long-term.
  • Set limits & take break
    Everyone has their own personal limits. However, many ignore them just to meet social norms or to please others. In terms of self-care, we should learn to take more regular breaks and to say "no" to something that doesn't feel right or good.
  • Not being too critical of yourself
    Self-care requires a loving approach to yourself and means not to worry about what others think of you when you take time for yourself and your needs. And most importantly, HOW you use your time for yourself. While self-care for one person means exercise & healthy eating, for another there is nothing more relaxing than lying on the couch in front of the TV with a bag of chips. Just listen to your inner voice.



  • Home spa: Our store offers a variety of products and sets to suit every need, making it easy to create beautiful, relaxing home spa moments. For example, how about a face mask while taking a bath with our red grape bath? Or using our face yoga set, which makes it easy to release muscle tension and fascia while simultaneously nourishing and smoothing the skin?
  • Short time-out: If you have less time available, you can integrate short care routines for face and body into your daily routine and consciously experience cleansing, doing scrubs and putting on a face cream as small blessings for yourself, your skin and soul.
  • Joyful moments for every day: As the year comes to its end and the reflective season begins, you should also reflect on yourself again. Our VINOBLE COSMETICS advent calendar and its motto “Treat yourself like a star!” make it possible! Whether together or alone - 24 surprises provide pampering moments throughout the entire Advent season.