We are starting a new project! For the first time, VINOBLE COSMETICS is planting its own roses. In the very home of our manufactory, a show garden with Damask Roses as well as a showroom with drying facility and a warehouse will soon be built - a sustainable project to bring even more regional ingredients into our high-quality, vegan products. But why did we choose the Damask Rose? Read more about this wonder flower in the following blog post.


"The whole of nature is a melody in which a deep harmony is hidden."
Johann Wolfgang Goethe





The Damask Rose (also called Rosa Damascene or Rosaceae) has been cultivated in Rome and the Middle East since ancient times. In the meantime, it has spread to Egypt, Greece, Italy and Bulgaria, among other places. Today, the rose still finds its place in our cultures and takes an honourable role among flowers: In bouquets, as a fragrance in perfumes and in the cosmetics industry, the rose has a high value.


Did you know that ...

  • … the Damask Rose is mainly used in cosmetics and skin care products that help regenerate skin damage caused by cell aging?
  • … the Damask Rose with its extraordinary, fine fragrance is one of the most important ingredients in the perfume industry? We also use it in the form of high-quality perfume oil.
  • … Damask Rose can strengthen the skin's resistance, makes it smooth and elastic and limits cell aging? 
  • … the Damask Rose has firming and restructuring effects and can help to reduce the appearance of lines and wrinkles?




The planting takes place on a southern slope on Demmerkogel/Sausal near Kitzeck (Austria) at a depth of 50 cm. Underneath there is a mighty deposit of a reddish sandstone, which is friable. The grape varieties for white wines also thrive particularly well here in this wine-growing region. The geological nature of the soil, many hours of sunshine and well-distributed rainfall are ideal conditions for viticulture. Lavender also thrives excellently in the future next to our rose field in this area.




For Founder & CEO Luise Köfer, it is a true project of the heart: "Planting roses near my home in Brudersegg has been a big dream of mine for many years, which is now coming true. Sourcing the raw materials for our vegan formulations from this region was my huge vision. Thanks to the great help of my son's earthworks company KÖFER Erdbau, we were now able to start digging in July 2022."

The roses find a special use in our new COSMOS-certified natural cosmetics line VINOBLE COSMETICS pure, which consists of only the purest raw materials. 0% potentially critical ingredients, vegan and handmade in Austria!


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We can't wait to welcome you very soon to this magical place!

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