Whether moisturizing, pore-refining or firming, a face mask complements any skin care routine and offers that special extra for your skin thanks to its instant effect and highly concentrated active ingredients. Matched to your skin type and condition, a face mask can work miracles and provide your skin with the nutrients it desperately needs.


What are the benefits of a face mask?

A face mask is a simple method to do something good for your skin within a few minutes and to make tired, sallow skin radiant again. Active ingredients in concentrated form treat the skin quickly and effectively. Thanks to customized formulations, individual skin problems can be easily combated and prevented. As an effective supplement, a face mask supports and intensifies the normal skin care routine, helping to maintain the skin's natural health and meet specific care needs. The result: a wonderfully radiant complexion. And on top of that, a mask helps you take a short break from the stressful and hectic daily routine.


How often should I use a face mask?

As with other skin care products, there is no universal recipe for the frequency of a face mask.  You should therefore always pay attention to the needs of your skin and adjust your care routine accordingly. In general, it is recommended to use once or twice a week after cleansing.


Which face mask do I need?

The right face mask can have a positive influence on your skin condition, which is why it is important to know your skin type.  So, ask yourself exactly what your skin is asking for and what problems the face mask should counteract.


Dry skin

Dry skin requires a hydrating, moisturizing care product. Our pro youth lifting mask intensively moisturizes thanks to a highly concentrated deep-penetrating cocktail of active ingredients consisting of hyaluronic acid, plant stem cells, vitamin E and oat kernel extract, while simultaneously tightening the skin and providing an instantly visible lifting effect. The fleece mask revives tired and dull skin and can be easily placed over the face with the help of ear bands.


Blemished skin

For blemished skin, it is important to choose a face mask that soothes the skin and supports skin metabolism. With our calming antioxidant mask, pimples, blackheads and co. can be brought under control - this face mask with high doses of antioxidants from grapes effectively protects the cells from environmental stress. Clay soothes, OPC promotes circulation, and the long-chain hyaluronic acid also provides an anti-aging effect.


Mature skin

Wrinkles and fine lines are best treated with the lifting & regenerating mask. Here, tannins from red wine provide visibly smoother skin. Vegan grape stem cells have a cell-generating effect and improve the skin's resistance, while antioxidants from the grape counteract aging caused by environmental factors. For demanding skin, the face mask can also be used as an overnight mask when applied thinly.


Sensitive skin

With sensitive skin, it is particularly important to strengthen the skin barrier in the long term. With our 2 in 1 regenerating & detoxifying mask, the skin is refreshed in the first step and the active ingredients are absorbed. In the second step, the mask - as soon as it is combined with water - shows a detoxifying and cleansing effect. Stem cells of Damask rose and resveratrol also tighten and counteract premature, environmental skin-aging. If the mask is not emulsified with water, it can also be left on as an overnight mask.


Step by step - the right routine for face masks

  1. Cleanse: Before applying a face mask, it is important to completely remove makeup and dirt. Discover our cleansing products for every skin type.
  2. Prepare: By exfoliating, dead skin cells can also be removed quite easily, making the skin more receptive to subsequent active ingredients. Here you can choose between our enzyme peeling, fruit acid peeling or cleansing scrub for sensitive skin.
  3. Apply & leave: Apply the mask to the face, neck and décolleté or stretch the fleece mask over the face and allow the mask to take effect according to the instructions.
  4. Removal: Afterwards, rinse off the mask thoroughly with lukewarm water or remove it with a flannel. Any unabsorbed substances can be gently massaged into the skin.
  5. Care: After you have intensively provided your skin with the best active ingredients, you can then give it additional care with one of our face creams.